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decimal ElectronRT Overview

App Version: 0.9.1
Note: This user guide is intended only for the latest version of the decimal ElectronRT app listed above. Please refer to the ElectronRT version history for the complete listing of user guides.

decimal ElectronRT (eRT) is used for treatment planning of electron radiation therapy treatments. The decimal eRT app allows users to specify treatment inputs and display calculation results for the design of electron therapy beams and treatment devices.

Users, access, and permissions for the decimal eRT are managed by the .decimal Direct service.

decimal eRT is not cleared by FDA for Clinical Use

The decimal ElectronRT application has not yet been cleared by the US FDA for clinical use. This guide provides user materials to aid .decimal research and consortium partners in the the performance of their duties regarding product validation and under .decimal's 2019 NIH SBIR Grant.

User Guide

The decimal eRT User Guide provides help material as well as walkthrough guides and a glossary of terms associated with the application.

Getting Started Basic setup and overview of decimal eRT.

Application Tutorials Examples and guides for performing common tasks in decimal eRT.

Known Limitations Known application limitations, defects, or inconsistencies.

Instructions For Use

The decimal eRT Instructions For Use outlines the intended use and user requirements of using the decimal eRT app.

Overview Intended use and indications for use of the application.

Warning Warning of potential misuse.

Product Features High level features of the decimal eRT app.

User Profile Recommended user education and experience level.

Testing Responsibilities Testing responsibilities for ensuring correct setup and configuration of decimal eRT for clinical safety.

System Requirements Local workstation and network system requirements for using decimal ElectronRT.

Commissioning Guide

decimal eRT dose calculations follow the pencil beam redefinition algorithm as described in Pencil-beam redefinition algorithm for electron dose distributions that allows for electron dose calculations using beam limiting devices.

Note: Full commissioning guide coming soon.

Reference Documentation

Dicom Conformance Statement decimal eRT Dicom Conformance Statement. decimal eRT is compliant with the NEMA 2020 DICOM specification. As such, any other systems (e.g.: Record and Verify) that are also compliant with this specification should be able to read the RT Plans generated from decimal eRT.

DICOM-PS3.3 2020b NEMA 2020 DICOM Part 3: Information Object Definitions specification.


Acknowledgements Use of third-party components in decimal eRT.

Note: This product is not currently cleared by the US FDA for clinical use


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