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Planning Overview

App Version: 3.3.4
Note: This user guide is intended only for the latest version of the Astroid Planning App listed above. Please refer to the planning version history for the complete listing of user guides.

The .decimal Astroid Planning App is a cloud based software used for treatment planning of proton radiation therapy treatments. The Astroid Planning App is an interactive end user application that leverages the existing .decimal Dosimetry App functions for device creation, dose calculation, and optimization to facilitate efficient development of proton radiation treatment plans. The Planning App allows user interaction to capture treatment inputs and display results, and the Dosimetry App performs the calculations.

Access, permissions, and calculations for the Astroid Planning App are managed by the thinknode™ cloud platform service. By using this advanced cloud based technology, the Astroid Planning App is able to be perform well on any lightweight Windows computer, reducing the hardware and up-front setup costs that are typically associated with owning a radiation treatment planning system.

User Guide

The Planning App User Guide provides help material as well as walkthrough guides and a glossary of terms associated with the application.

Getting Started Basic setup and overview of the Astroid Planning App.

Tutorials Examples and guides for performing common tasks in the Astroid Planning App.

Known Limitations Known application limitations, defects, or inconsistencies.

ResultsAPI Accessing and using the Planning Results API.

Instructions For Use

The Astroid Planning App Instructions For Use outlines the intended use and user requirements of using the Planning App.

Overview Intended use and indications for use of the application.

Warning Warning of potential misuse.

User Profile Recommended user education and experience level.

Testing Responsibilities Testing responsibilities for ensuring correct setup and configuration of the astroid Planning App for clinical safety.

Product Features High level features of the astroid Planning App.


Note: This product received FDA 510(k) clearance as of May 15, 2018


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