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This site contains the user manuals and tutorials for each .decimal software application. Each app has it's own intended use, documentation, and has been thoroughly tested before being released into the production environment.

Please refer to each application below for the specific user guide and application documentation for that app.

App Documentation & Userguides

Each of the released apps contains its own use documentation. Select the app below to see its corresponding user documentation.

decimal3D decimal3D® is an iPad App that utilizes advanced optical scanning technology to streamline clinical electron setups and ordering of patient-specific electron cutouts.

decimal ElectronRT decimal ElectronRT® (eRT) is a desktop application for the creation of electron treatment plans and designing/ordering of patient specific beamline devices for electron beams.

decimal Direct decimal Direct is the one stop shop for checking part status or managing your site and user settings.

decimal Launcher decimal Launcher is a Windows based utility that manages the authentication and installation of .decimal treatment planning applications.

p.d p.d is a Windows based software that allows customers to import DICOM patients and order .decimal devices for use in planning and delivery of photon, electron, and proton radiation therapy.

Astroid The .decimal astroid® app suite is a collection of applications used for proton treatment planning. These apps include:

  • Astroid Dosimetry App
  • Astroid Planning App
  • Astroid DICOM App

Support & IT Technical Guides

For questions, comments, or to schedule a training session, please contact our customer support team at: 1-800-255-1613. You can also find the Customer Support information within each application's user guide listed above (e.g.: support ticket submission, if applicable to that application).

.decimal System Status
Prior to beginning the network troubleshooting steps refer to our Status Page to determine if there is a service outage with any of the .decimal backend services.

You may also refer to the following support articles:

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