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p.d Overview

p.d is a Windows based software that allows customers to import DICOM patients and order .decimal devices for use in planning and delivery of photon, electron, and proton radiation therapy.

Users, access, and permissions for the p.d software are managed by the .decimal Direct service.

User Guide

The p.d user guide is available to users within the p.d application. With p.d open, press the F1 key to receive context based help.

Version History Version and release history of p.d 5.4 and later.

Account Permissions

p.d limits the features available to users based on their .decimal account permission level. The following permission levels are available:

Permission Level Available Permissions
Default A default user with normal user permissions
- Recommended permission level for all dosimetry personnel
Elevated Elevated user with physics access
- Organization Configuration
- Machine Commissioning

System Requirements and Security

The following documents provide the system requirements and security overview for p.d 5.4:


For questions, comments, support requests, bug reporting, or to schedule a training session, please contact our customer support team at: or 1-800-255-1613.

IT/Network Troubleshooting

In some cases IT infrastructure at a hospital or clinic can block or manipulate HTTPS traffic that causes issues with using the software. Refer to the IT/Network Troubleshooting document for help and guidance on allowing .decimal's software to communicate with our servers.

Software Troubleshooting

Common Issues and resolutions for p.d:

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