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RN-29: p.d 5.4 System Requirements


The purpose of this document is to provide an indication of the minimum and recommended system requirements to be able to run the p.d software. These requirements are based on versions 5.4+.

decimal Launcher System Requirements

p.d uses the decimal Launcher to manage installation, updates, and provide initial user authentication. As such, the decimal Launcher is required to be installed prior to using p.d. Refer to the decimal Launcher System Requirements guide for further details.

Support Web Browsers (.decimal Direct)

Microsoft Edge Latest stable version supported
Chrome Latest stable version supported
Firefox Latest stable version supported

Minimum System Requirements

Processor 2 GHz Intel Pentium or equivalent processor
Video OpenGL compatible graphics card
Display 1440×900 minimum resolution
Operating System Windows 10 64-bit
Hard Disk 100MB for application, additional space required for patient data (approx. 100MB per patient /w images, 5MB per patient w/o images
Connectivity Active internet connection is required (see below)
Processor Dual or quad core processor (multiple processors improve performance during design operations)
Video NVIDIA graphics card with at least 512MB of dedicated memory
Display 1920×1080

Network Requirements

p.d utilizes port 443 (HTTPS) to communicate with .decimal Direct while connected to the internet. This port must be open to passive communication with external addresses from the machine that is running p.d. Note that all communication is initiated from p.d (i.e., there should be no need to forward ports to the p.d workstation), however, you must ensure that the following addresses be allowed to communicate with the p.d workstation in order for the software to function properly:

Port 443 (
(used for authentication, ordering, and order status updates)
Port 443 decimal Launcher IPs (See Launcher Network Requirements Guide)
(used for authentication to Auth0 servers & application downloads)

RN-29 Rev. 20210913

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