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.decimal Legacy Account Migration

This article provides a detailed comparison overview of the .decimal Legacy account features and the new .decimal account features. It also outlines, at a high level, the process which users will take to migrate their existing Legacy accounts to the new .decimal account.

Account Type Comparison

The below table details the main difference in features between the Legacy .decimal accounts and the new .decimal Accounts.

Feature Legacy New
User Self Account Management
Self Change Password Option Yes Yes
Forgot Password / Reset [.d] Yes
Enable MFA/2FA Yes
Forced non-shared logins (unique to each user) Yes
Manager Level Account Management
Add & Invite Other Users [.d] Yes
Remove users from site [.d] Yes
Require all users to use MFA Yes
Push app version updates to all users Yes
Change default shipping address in decimal Direct Yes
Application Features
Use decimal Launcher to install and launch .decimal applications Yes
Automatic email alerts for new application versions and releases Yes
Legend Key Description
[.d] .decimal staff must perform this task
Yes This feature is available to end users
This feature is not available to end users

Account Migration Overview

Currently .decimal staff are required to migrate your existing Legacy accounts to the new .decimal account. Once your existing accounts have been migrated your Site Manager will be able to manage your site and manage your users.

Migration Process

At a high level, the migration process for existing sites and users looks as follows:

Account Migration

  1. .decimal staff with send the new system and security requirements documents to you and your clinic (e.g.: p.d 5.4's RN-29 and RN-30)
    • Your clinic's IT department should ensure the new network requirements are satisfied
  2. .decimal staff will prepopulate for your account:
  3. .decimal staff will conduct a quick site survey to determine who, if anyone, at your site should be given Site Management permissions
  4. .decimal staff will migrate any desired existing Legacy accounts that should be converted to the new account
    • Existing Legacy accounts will have their login username changed to their email address associated with the Legacy account. Note: Users will be unable to use the Legacy login once this step has been performed.
    • During the migration step each user will receive an email notification to the email address associated with their existing Legacy account
    • The email notification will contain a link for the existing Legacy user to set their password to complete the migration

New Software Installation

  1. Legacy users will be instructed to manually uninstall existing p.d versions from their local work stations
  2. Each user at each work station will be required to login to decimal Direct and download and install decimal Launcher
    • This step should only take a few minutes once the user has already setup their new password from the previous step
  3. Users can then open the decimal Launcher application, select their site (if your organization has more than one), and launch the appropriate .decimal application
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