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The .decimal astroid app suite is a system of applications living on the thinknode™ framework. Each app has it's own intended use, documentation, and has been thoroughly tested before being released into the production environment.

Access to each App is provided by the thinknode™ framework using http json formatted requests. thinknode™ provides the 'backbone' used to send and receive requests, maintain users, realms and organizations, and provide data storage and management.

Astroid Apps

Each of the released apps contains its own use documentation. Select the app below to see its corresponding user documentation.

Planning App Treatment Planning user interface for proton radiation therapy. Leverages the Dosimetry App library to allow users to create proton therapy treatment plans.

Dosimetry App Planning and analysis algorithm library for proton radiation therapy. Includes design task, dose calculation, and radiotherapy support functions.

Dicom App Library for parsing and storing of DICOM file types into standard data types. Includes support for Plan, Structure Set, CT Image, and Dose dicom files.

Manifest Documentation

The Manifest Guide for each app contains a complete list of all functions and types supported by the app through thinknode™ API calls. Refer to each astroid Apps Examples section for outlined usage on function calling and calculation requests as well as connecting to the thinknode™ framework.

Refer to the thinknode™ links on the left sidebar for detailed help using the thinknode™ framework.


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